How an Interior Designer Can Save You Money...

Perhaps that’s a ballsy statement coming FROM an Interior Designer but we often find the people that call or email us don’t innately know how we can add value to their project or how we can save them money. So grab a coffee, a glass of wine or a dirty martini with a twist (what is this anyhow?) and read on to learn how exactly an interior designer can save you money!


We save you… from yourself.

What do we mean by that? We mean that we save you from making wrong decisions or bad choices. Now we understand that you may know what you want and that is great (we WANT you to know what you want!). But once you get in to a renovation or even redecorating and styling your house, you’ll learn that there are A LOT of choices to be made. And choice 14 affects choice 30 and so on. We are experts in coming up with a vision and a plan and executing them to the end so that all of your choices make sense and your house flows.

Often people will have ‘x’ number of dollars to spend on their project but they seem to waffle when it comes to spending some of those dollars on design. Say what? The design is key to success and we’ll make sure you don’t make costly mistakes (which you’ll either spend more money on to fix or you’ll end up living a miserable life in your tragic home).

Saving you from yourself also often includes saving you from your other half! It’s not uncommon for the two decision makers in the home to be at odds in their desired wants and style direction for the home. While we aren’t licensed in counselling we do have years of mediating between spouses going through a major update to their home. We can help merge opposing tastes so both people are thrilled and don’t feel like one person won the Style Skirmish of 2019! (it’s a real thing!)

We save you … time.

Do you have endless hours to spend looking at finishes like tile, lighting, plumbing, countertops, etc.? Do you have endless hours to spend looking at furniture, fabrics, hardware, artwork and accessories? Didn’t think so. Time is money. You likely have a job (unless you have a money tree and if you do, please may we have some seeds?) and you are likely really great at that job. Well we are really great at our job. We’ve been doing this for over 20 years and are skilled at making homes and rooms beautiful on time and on budget. We have resources you don’t have and trades we’ve worked with for years. Let us do what we are good at and save you time… so you can tend to your money tree.

elbow park basement renovation

We save you from…stress.

Like we said, there are A LOT of choices to make. Does THIS go with THAT? Should I put this HERE or THERE? Will this look dated in 4 years? Is this WORTH the money? Am I choosing the BEST from all options available? As I am currently going through a personal renovation for the second time, I was reminded of the staggering number of choices to make. I would have LOVED for someone else to design it for me and present me with a concept that I could simply write a cheque for, and then have them project manage it all for me. But the shoemakers children have no shoes and all that jazz.

We don’t just pat your head and tell you how great your choices are so you feel good and then disappear. After coming up with a design concept that has been customized specifically for you, based on your wants and needs, we present the best choices to you thereby eliminating a boat load of stress. Presentation day is our favourite day of all (aside from Big Reveal Day!). Presentation Day is when you come to our office and see the design concept for your house laid out on our meeting table and we walk you through all of the choices so you can envision how it will look at the end. You just need to helps get inside your brain by answering questions, pin a few images, and then show up on Presentation Day (and have a glass of champagne)!

We save you… money.

That is correct. Actual real life money (you know, the one from your money tree). HOW? We get discounts that you won’t get by shopping retail. We have access to manufacturers you don’t have access to and we get far better discounts on product than someone walking in off the street. If you plan on furnishing your room or whole home, the discounts we receive offset design fees quite nicely. While we don’t pass along the entire discount (we have expenses to cover such as book keeping, electricity and the cost of shipping money tree seeds from that guy off the internet) we do share a portion and if you think about it, you were going to pay full price without us! Or do you like paying full retail? Didn’t think so.

crescent heights renovation

So you see, not using an Interior Designer because you think it costs too much money is crazy talk. We help you create a home with it’s full potential, designed specifically for you while taking away all of your stress so you can enjoy your home! You’ve invested a good deal of money into your house so it makes sense to invest in a skilled Interior Designer that has experience helping clients maximize their homes value, function and beauty.

Now that you have been completely and utterly convinced on how an Interior Designer can save you money… contact us! We’d love to help you pull your home together, create a beautiful space for you, become life long friends and borrow that tree. We really are experts at what we do and are here to make the process as stress free as possible.

At Stephanie Charest Interior Design we love to help you create a beautiful home so you can live a beautiful life.

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