The Big Reveal

When you walk up to the door, knowing you’re going in to “The Big Reveal” your heart will be pumping wildly, your hands will be sweaty and your tummy will have butterflies. None of this is because you don’t trust us and what we’ve been working on at your house, but because this is a big moment. An exciting moment. The moment your new home build, renovation or decor project has been leading up to. It’s the moment when you see your house fully styled, looking its best and like you’ve always dreamed it would. So it causes a few nerves but they are all good and all worth it.

We put everything into this moment. We plan and schedule and arrange all of the necessary people and product needed to make this happen. We’ve likely had a few sleepless nights thinking everything through, making sure we’ve missed nothing, praying it all goes flawlessly. We want this moment for you. We want you to see what we’ve done to make your house outstanding, not just in theory but in real life and we want it exceed your expectations. This is what we push for. This moment and this experience.

Why? Why do we push for it right from the start? Because we’ve learned from experience that this moment is what makes you, the client, the happiest. We want your entire experience with our team to be a completely satisfying one. So we want you to conclude the experience by letting us take your home from design concept all the way to furnishings, decor and artwork so you have a completed space. The old idea of “oh i’ll just finish that later” is just that… old. If you haven’t finished it by the time you’ve called us, you probably aren’t going to. And that’s okay. We will finish it for you.

We love “The Big Reveal”. It’s our Superbowl, our Grey Cup, our Wimbledon and our Stanley Cup - if there were no competition and the trophy was seeing your reaction! We are always blown away by how different your home looks, how far it’s come and of course, how gorgeous it is now! All the details have come together and we also have hearts that are pumping wildly, hands that are sweaty and tummies that have butterflies. This is “The Big Reveal” and it’s all been worth it.

Please enjoy the video of the install and big reveal of our #prettyinparkdale project… and the lovely still of me below! #crazyeyes #ugh

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