Why beauty in your home matters... by Calgary Interior Designer

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There was a time when I felt my chosen career didn’t matter, like it was frivolous or wasteful or just plain silly. It was at a time when I was trying to decide on what I really wanted to do with my business…. did I want to keep going as an entrepreneur or did I want to go work for someone else and eliminate the stress? #punchinpunchout

I needed to get away and have time to think. I was fortunate enough to be able to escape to Invermere for a few nights by myself (I have a really great husband!). If you’ve ever driven out there in the late summer or early fall - it is stunning. I was on the road, surrounded by mountains and countless trees. The staggering number of trees on the mountains never fails to amaze me. I was surrounded by God’s beautiful creation.

That is when it hit me.

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Can you imagine a world without sunsets or mountains or oceans or clouds or trees? Can you imagine driving out west and not seeing the light shimmer on the leaves making them look silver? Can you fathom a world without cotton candy skies and outstanding sunrises? No way. 

Because beauty matters, making your house beautiful matters. We spend hours inside our homes so they should be lovely. Of course we aim to make them functional and organized as well, but we also want them to be beautiful. If your home is beautiful to you, you’ll take care of it and enjoy it far more than if it is ugly or distasteful.

Spoiler alert: I decided to keep at this entrepreneur gig. Because I LOVE what I do and I love transforming homes for our clients. Beautiful interiors give me the best ache inside and I know it is what I’m created to do.

And as it turns out, it isn’t frivolous or wasteful or silly. 

At Stephanie Charest Interior Design we love to help you create a beautiful home so you can live a beautiful life.

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