Meet Kim - Studio Manager

Kim came to us with loads of organizational skills but not with any design experience.  She definitely has a love of interior design but her background is in dental surgery! For years Kim assisted in the O.R. on surgeries and taught surgery protocols to other assistants so she honed her ability to heed critical details in a way that has translated into being a rock star Studio Manager for Stephanie Charest Interior Design.

Kim is also an imperative part to our installation days at clients homes! She never likes to sit still and completes necessary tasks by powering through on caffeine and pure grit. We call her the "workhorse" because Kim is so willing to do whatever job you throw at her! 

When she's not tracking orders and managing administration tasks at the office, Kim can be found driving her kids to their competitive sports or spearheading yet another new project at home. Aside from her outstanding abilities, her love for a good morning misto also made her a shoe in for a crucial position at our office!

Stephanie Charest