3 Reasons You Need Beautiful Cushions In Your Home!

I often hide the cost of custom cushions, once we get to the pricing part of a presentation. I show clients the total cost and then put my hand over the cost of the cushions as we go through each item in detail, line by line. I've heard gasps, statements of shock and looks of horror. It's true - custom cushions can be pricey. B U T ... they are necessary and worth every penny. But why? Here are three reasons we think you need beautiful cushions!

First: quality. These aren't your mass produced, see them everywhere kind of pillows. They are hand sewn, hand crafted cushions from our favourite workrooms and stuffed with the best inserts possible. Ever bought cushions from a home goods store? I have and I have the feathers to prove it! Low quality cushion inserts tend to shed and poke feathers out incessantly and are quite uncomfortable to snuggle up to! The quality of the cushions we suggest is outstanding and worth every cent. 

Second: exclusivity. We've sourced fabrics that you won't find any where else, that are the appropriate fabric, colour and texture. We always hesitate to use the same fabric for different clients as we want each client to have their own unique elements in their home! Cushion fabrics are one of the places we want to have your specific personality and style emerge. If we can happen to find store bought cushions that work, we'll do that too...but we aim to offer you something you won't find in your neighbours house!

Third: the details. Whether they are colourful or neutral, cushions add so much depth to a room. Here is where we often bring in texture, pattern, and colour and this seemingly simple item can tie a whole scheme together. Often clients don't know what is missing from their homes... something just doesn't feel right to them or it doesn't feel finished. It's almost always the finishing details such as cushions (unless it's a major renovation and the many other details we've introduced!).

One of our favourite parts of a project is when we get to the fabric sourcing. A concept will suddenly *P O P* when we've found just the right fabrics for our clients and we can visualize how the space is going to look when complete. And it's always, always fabulous!

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